Ultimate Beginner Sewing Bundle Giveaway

Vera Therrell’s Ultimate Beginner Sewing Bundle Giveaway opened today and Olga’s Closet is sponsoring a $50 fabric gift card, woo hoo! 🥳 Head over to the giveaway page to enter for a chance to win $500 worth of all the basics you need to get started sewing. Click here to enter the giveaway

Below is a special message about the giveaway from Vera Therrell, author of Sew Simple:

Hey everyone!

I’m beyond excited to be announcing our Ultimate Beginner Sewing Bundle Giveaway! Starting today until next week (April 12th-19th, 2021). I loooooooooove giving away stuff for free– free workshops, free blog posts, free communities…

But today I’m taking the whole freebie “giveaway” concept to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, and I’m doing it by partnering with some of my favorite and the BEST fabric + pattern shops and even a top notch Bernina sewing machine supplier and sewing studio! Introducing….

The Ultimate Beginner Sewing Bundle Giveaway

This giveaway (valued at $500+!!!) has all the basics you need to get started sewing!!– a Bernette Sew & Go sewing machine, beginner workshop, gift cards to the most beautiful fabrics and sewing patterns (for kids+adults – your choice!!).

Excited yet? You should be! Here’s what you could win:

Win a complete beginner sewing bundle including:

  • (1) Bernina Sew & Go Sewing Machine from Topstitch Sewing Service ($179 value)
  • (1) “Sew Simple” Workshop for Beginners by Vera Therrell ($97 value)
  • (1) gift card for Elevated Fashion Fabrics ($35 value)
  • (1) gift card for Seweird Fabrics ($25 value)
  • (1) gift card for Lil Peeps Fabrics ($35 value)
  • (1) gift card for Sibba’s Sunshine Fabrics ($35 value)
  • (1) gift card for Olga’s Closet Fabrics ($50 value)
  • (1) gift card for Rad Patterns ($30 value)
  • (1) gift card for Linen Grey Patterns ($25 value)
  • (1) gift card for Olive U Sew Patterns ($25)
  • (1) gift card for Stitch Upon a Time Patterns (one free pattern of choice)

Now is that a prize list or what?! $500+ worth of AMAZING supplies to get you sewing asap!

How to win:

  1. Enter the giveaway RIGHT NOW
  2. Get your Lucky URL link when you do
  3. Share your link like a CRAZY person (because every time you share, you just keep racking up the entries!)
  4. Post your Lucky URL link in business Facebook groups, Instagram comments, Pinterest, basically anywhere you can think of 🙂 The more people that see it and enter through YOUR link, the more entries you get and the better your chances of winning!

Winning this giveaway could change EVERYTHING for you– so what are you waiting for?? Ready? Let’s do this! I can’t wait to send all this free stuff your way, friend– so start sharing away! Doors close Monday, 4/19/21 at 7pm PST– so don’t wait!

Check out the list of giveaway sponsors:

  • Topstitch Sewing Service LLC
    Family-owned and operated, Top Notch Sewing Studio with high-quality sewing machines and supplies!
  • Vera Therrell
    Online sewing workshops- teaching you how to easily get started sewing clothes + more advanced techniques + starting your own sewing business
  • Olgas Closet Fabrics
    Huge selection of quality knit fabrics & more!
  • Elevated Fashion Fabrics
    Beautiful and affordable selection of knit fabrics including customs!
  • Seweird Fabrics
    Great variety, quality, and fair pricing!

Enter now to win, and don’t forget – the more you share the more likely you are to win!

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