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Kids Crafting Spaces

Featured in Redfin’s How to Create the Ultimate Crafting Space for Kids

The real estate website Redfin recently wrote a blog about creating creative spaces for children and featured a quote from our very own, Olga Auclair! Olga’s Closet is excited and extremely honored to have been a part of this.

The blog called How to Create the Ultimate Crafting Space for Kids, talks about the importance and benefits of designating a specific space where children can craft, be creative and get inspired. In a very brief summary, the blog talked about creating an inspiring space, what could/should be included in the space, creative exploration as well as organization. This is where Olga comes in!

Olga provided a few valuable tips regarding organizing craft/creative spaces. Here’s an excerpt from Olga’s featured quote:

“Cubed storage shelves are my top pick when it comes to creating a fun crafting space because they are so versatile, durable and affordable. They can be set on floors, mounted on walls and even be used for creating work surfaces and structures.”

Olga went on to explain that cubed storage shelves are used at Olga’s Closet. As someone who has a sewing space – not a sewing room, organization is a must and storage is extremely important.

You can read the blog in its entirety here How to Create the Ultimate Crafting Space for Kids. Hopefully, you will find it informative and walk away with ideas that may help you create the ultimate crafting space.

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