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Bella Sunshine Designs ‘Hazel Dolman’ Sew Along

Bella Sunshine Designs Hazel Dolman Sew Along

We’ve teamed up with Bella Sunshine Designs to bring you a Sew Along for their brand new ‘Hazel Dolman’ ladies pattern

The Pattern

The Hazel Dolman is a beautiful new pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs, and it is perfect for confident beginners! It can be made in three different sleeve lengths with or without a ruched shoulder detail with shoulder ties:

  • sleeveless
  • short sleeve
  • 3/4 sleeve

It can also be made in three different lengths:

  • top length (just below hipline)
  • tunic length (mid-thigh)
  • dress length (right above knee)

The Hazel Dolman is available in both adults and kids, and it is currently on sale for a limited time on their website!

Click here to purchase the pattern »

Bella Sunshine Designs Hazel Dolman Sewing Pattern
Lighthouse Fiber Creations

Your Host

Rebecca Stowers from Lighthouse Fiber Creations will be hosting the Sew Along in our Facebook Group. She has tons of experience coordinating Sew Alongs and we are so excited to have her as our host!

The Prizes

Prizes are available to anyone at any skill level just for participating! Everyone who participates/submits their final design in this Sew Along will be entered into a giveaway for:

  • Grand prize: $50 Olga’s Closet Gift Card + $10 Bella Sunshine Designs Gift Card
  • 2nd place: $20 Olga’s Closet Gift Card
  • 3rd place: $10 Olga’s Closet Gift Card
Sew Along Prizes

The Fabric

You are welcome to use any fabric of your choosing for the Sew Along, but we are offering 4 fabric options at a discounted rate. Just message us with a screenshot showing you purchased the pattern and are participating in the Sew Along and we will send you a special discount code to purchase the fabric from our website:

Brown/Teal/Coral Floral Rayon Spandex
Reg. Price: $9.00/yd – Sew Along Special: $6.00/yd

Heathered Off-White/Mauve/Mustard Floral Rayon Spandex
Reg. Price: $8.00/yd – Sew Along Special: $5.00/yd

Dark Navy/Red/Yellow Floral Double Brushed Poly
Reg. Price: $10.50/yd – Sew Along Special:  $7.50/yd

Coral/Peach/Black Boho Double Brushed Poly
Reg. Price: $10.50/yd – Sew Along Special: $7.00/yd

Materials Required

The following materials are required for the Hazel Dolman pattern used in this Sew Along:

Garment: 4-way stretch knit fabric with at least a 75% stretch but no more than 100% stretch- Recommend a blend of at least 5% spandex/lycra for good recovery. Good choices would include rayon blends, ITY knits, double or single brushed poly or anything with a good drape.

For the shoulder tie version: The same material as above. Alternatively, you may also use cording, ribbon, stable lace, or any type of material that is 3/8” (1cm) in width instead of handmade ties.

For the shoulder tie version: Loop Turner

Yardage Requirements

Yardage Requirements for Hazel Dolman Pattern

Hazel Dolman Sew Along Schedule

Day #1 – Sunday 8/4/19
Join the Bella Sunshine Pattern Group and purchase the Hazel Dolman ladies pattern (send us a screenshot showing pattern purchase to receive a discount code for the above fabrics)

Day #2 – Monday 8/5/19
Gather supplies & fabric

Day #3 – Tuesday 8/6/19
Continue gathering supplies & fabric

Day #4 – Wednesday 8/7/19
Live video with Rebecca in the Olga’s Closet Facebook Group, start the Sew Along

Day #5 – Thursday 8/8/19
Continue Sew Along, finishing up your Hazel Dolmans!

Day #6 – Friday 8/9/19
Submit your design by uploading a photo to the Sew Along photo album in the Olga’s Closet Facebook Group. Submissions accepted until 11:59pm (PDT)

Day #7 – Saturday 8/10/19 DEADLINE EXTENDED! Ends Friday August 16, 2019
Live video in Olga’s Closet Facebook Group to announce winners!

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